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Home Automation



Advanced lighting control

Create scenes

All lights off function

Welcome home

Motion activated

Simulated occupation

Timer functions

Multi-room audio and video

Audio and video control form any room

TV, DVD, Blu-ray, ipod, DAB or media server control

Speaker control from each room


Heating and ventilation control

Individual room control

Night set back

Off-site control

Blinds, curtains and awnings

Manual or automatic operation

Simulated occupation

Remote control

Power socket control

Eliminate equipment on standby

Control table lamps

Activate appliances such as coffee machines

Water leak detection

Sound alarm

Shut off supply

Sent text message alert

Home security

Smoke sensors

Send text message alerts

Flash house lights

Remote control

Room by room control

Complete wireless home control

Off site control via the internet

Text message alerts

Text message alerts available for most functions and alarms