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Portable Appliance Testing is an important part of any company health & safety policy. 25 % of all reportable electrical accidents are due to portable appliances (stated by the H&SE), caused by the sort of appliances we all use everyday from your kettle to your office photocopier.


Implementing an efficient Portable Appliance Testing Solution is easy and cost effective. Our prices are designed to keep costs to a minimum but insuring a high quality service.

We only use state of the art test equipment and carry out a wide range of tests including:

  • Earth Bond / Continuity tests

  • Insulation Tests

  • Load and function tests

  • Leakage Tests

  • IEC Lead Polarity Checks

Our experts will quickly and effectively test and certify your installation and appliances, and where necessary, either complete or recommend the necessary repairs. The list of portable appliances with a mains plug that need testing includes:

  • Computers, monitors and peripherals

  • Audio, visual and telephone equipment

  • Kettles, toasters, microwave ovens and other kitchen appliances

  • Vacuum cleaners, floor polishers and portable fans

  • Extension leads

A register is logged including appliance location, appliance I.D, serial number, and description along with full test results.

We can test in a wide range of locations including schools, hotels, retail organisations, office environments, engineering firms, and domestic rental homes.


Call today for a competitive quote on your portable appliance testing.