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Complete wired or wireless Network and Data Com solutions for your home or business.


We offer a wide range of installation and support services that enable you to network your computers, data-coms or audio visual systems.


Wired Networking
Electratek offers a full range of dependable wired networking products. A wired network is a cost-effective way to set-up a reliable network that can move large amounts of data at high speeds. Wired networks transfer data through Ethernet cables, whereas wireless networks use radio signals. In a wired network, security risks are limited to a single point of entry from the Internet. Electratek offers reliable solutions to block unauthorized access to your network.

Advantages of a Wired Network:

  • Cost-Effective

  • Hassle-free Configuration

  • Fastest Speeds


Wireless Networking
Electratek offers a full range of dependable wireless networking products at affordable prices. Also known as Wi-Fi, wireless networking uses radio signals to transfer data at high speeds. Wireless networks offer mobility not allowed by a fixed connection.

In addition, Electratek wireless products include proven security features that are easily configured by the user to block security risks at each transceiver.

Advantages of a Wireless Network:

  • Increased mobility

  • Scalability

  • Easy installation

  • Less clutter


No matter which technology you choose, Electratek offers a range of high-performance products from leading manufactures that enable you to enjoy the benefits of sharing your Broadband Internet connection. Use your wired or wireless network to share Internet access, files, printers, AV , games and much more.