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Standard Terms and Conditions of Business



In these terms and conditions "Electratek" refers to and any employee or subcontractor engaged by them.


"Customer" refers to anyone who has asked Electratek to perform certain tasks on their behalf irrespective of whether these tasks form the subject of a binding contract.


"Unreasonably delayed" means any payment that is outstanding for more than 90 days from the date of the first invoice.


"Re-estimate" is the procedure which leads to the re-pricing of work which has in substance previously been estimated.




These terms and conditions apply to all work undertaken or materials and services supplied against any instruction or enquiry received from the customer or any person who may reasonably be assumed to be an agent or servant of the customer unless the customer specifically defines those agents or servants who have that authority.


These terms and conditions may be subject to change without notice.



Acceptance of contract:

All business is carried out in accordance with these terms and conditions which override and replace any conditions that may have previously been proposed to Electratek.


Any instructions to commence work, whether received verbally or in writing, imply acceptance of these conditions.



Parking and Access charges:

Except for fines and penalties, all charges and fees in respect of parking at or near, or access to, a customers premises or any premises instructed by the customer to visit shall be reimbursed by the customer and included on the invoice for this purpose.



Any estimate issued by Electratek is only in respect of the work detailed on that estimate.


Any estimate issued by Electratek includes only the materials shown, and prices quoted are done so in good faith based upon costs advised to us at the time the estimate was drafted.


Material price increases or additional labour and materials which become necessary due to unforeseen circumstances or revised instructions from our customer may form an extra charge.


Any estimate issued by Electratek may be withdrawn if not accepted within 60 days.


Electratek may make a charge for any re-estimate that has to undertaken due to the lapse of the original estimate, changes of specification or instructions from the customer or any other circumstance beyond Electratek's control.




Unless stated other wise in the estimate or contract, all payments due to Electratek for work undertaken or materials or other services supplied will be invoiced to our customer on final completion of the work. Where there has been a large expenditure on materials, or work has to be spread over a period longer than a week, interim invoices may be issued.


Payment is due immediately the invoice is raised by Electratek.


Unless stated other wise any materials used remain the property of Electratek until the entire works are completed and full payment is received.


Electratek reserves the right to impose interest charges not exceeding 3% per annum above standard bank rate on any payment that is due to Electratek and which is unreasonably delayed.


No receipts are issued against payments made in respect of invoices. However, an invoice may be endorsed to show payment has been made if required.



Electratek guarantees its workmanship and supplied electrical parts for 12 months from the first date that the installation is energised and used.


Parts and accessories that have been supplied and fitted by Electratek, or one of its subcontractors, come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Electratek shall repair or replace components, parts or accessories with manufacturing defects in accordance with the manufacturer’s terms and conditions.


Any faults arising from problems relating to workmanship are also guaranteed for 12 months from the first date that the installation is energised and used, any such faults shall be repaired or corrected free of charge, subject to survey. Warranty is not valid unless full payment for the completed job is received.


All claims brought to the attention of Electratek by the customer shall be in writing.


This does not affect your statutory rights.